Assembly of furniture in Kyiv and Kyiv region

Professional assembly of furniture of any complexity is one of our main specializations. We work in Kyiv and the region.

27 years On the furniture market
71781 unit Assembled and dismantled furniture
6415 persons Satisfied clients
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How often do you encounter a situation when, having bought new furniture, and having received a long-awaited purchase, you feel bitter disappointment, finding yourself among a pile of incomprehensible boxes and boxes, having no idea where to start collecting them?

How often do you have to spend a lot of time, nerves and effort to understand incomprehensible diagrams and drawings, which, moreover, may be in an unknown language?

How often do you have to ask for the help of friends and neighbors in search of the necessary tools to hang a simple shelf or assemble a closet? Now imagine that you need to put together a children's room or install a new kitchen?

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The "SRPM" company will save you from unnecessary trouble related to assembly, disassembly and installation of any type of furniture.

Professional craftsmen will come to you at a time convenient for you and install your furniture quickly and neatly.

We will also help you disassemble and pack your furniture in case of a move, and then reassemble and install it in your new location.

Our specialists are able to cope with any issue, we have extensive experience in working with Danish, Dutch, Swedish, English, American, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Chinese furniture, as well as with goods of Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers.

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Our company is fully responsible for the quality of furniture installation.

We provide our customers with
warranty and post-warranty service, always acting in your interests.

You can invite our master at any convenient time from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., including weekends and holidays!

Phone for ordering assembly, disassembly of furniture:

+38 096 919 66 34
+38 099 276 81 20
+38 063 754 87 93

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